tlslingerie.com or The Lingerie store is the brainchild of Rosmin K, a designer by profession, a perfectionist by nature and a dreamer at heart.    

 Being a regular online shopper, she found that when one has to buy lingerie for a particular  occasion like a wedding, a romantic getaway, or a sexy night out , one has to sift through a plethora of styles ranging from the ordinary to the mundane to sports- wear, till finally the dream lingerie piece  is found.

It was this long tedious hour of rummaging through a Pandora’s Box of styles that prompted Rosmin to come out with a lingerie store that caters just to The Romantic in each of us.

Armed with a Nottingham Trent University, UK, Post Graduate certificate in Fashion Design from The Pearl Academy of Fashion, New Delhi, Rosmin brings to TLS the design, fabric and construction knowledge, which she has acquired through the many years spend perfecting the garment trade in many parts of the world.

Come, pamper the inner you at TLS, where our stock is specially curated so it represents the best of the best! Each item is comfortable, flattering and will last for a long time with proper care. We’re proud that our stock goes beyond basic bras and panties. We also carry items that are appropriate for special occasions, romantic getaways, honeymoons, and weddings.

What we believe in

TLS The Lingerie Store believes that great lingerie can provide support in multiple ways.  While bras provide physical support, great lingerie can also help us feel more comfortable in our own skin. The Lingerie Store aims to carry lingerie that can help you channel your inner self, whether you’re preparing for a big meeting or jetting off on a romantic vacation. We believe that lingerie should represent the multiple possibilities within each woman, rather than cater to only one type of body, size range or taste.

Our Core Concepts:

  1. The Lingerie Store was created in 2016 to bring quality lingerie to women in India and around the world.
  2. Our Co. Founder is an expert in the garment field. She has studied and designed lingerie at home and abroad.
  3. We believe lingerie should help each woman express herself and her innermost feelings. We pride ourselves on carrying a wide variety of pieces that cater to all sizes and tastes.
  4. All of our lingerie is selected with quality in mind. With proper care, your purchases from The Lingerie Store will outlast your purchases from other websites and lingerie stores.
  5. We believe in protecting your privacy. All lingerie purchases will arrive shipped in generic brown box packaging, with no identifying information. Your lingerie is yours to keep secret or to show off!
  6. We believe that your lingerie should enhance your lifestyle. We carry everything from basic bras to support you at work to beautiful lounge pieces to help you make the most of your time at home.
  7. We believe in proper fit. We offer both a size calculator and a measurement guide so you can ensure that your lingerie will fit correctly out of the box.
  8. We believe in giving relevant, expert, subject specialised advice. Do you have a question about how to pick the right piece of lingerie for you? Do you know how to wash your lingerie properly? We’ve provided handy guides on our website to answer all of your lingerie related questions.
  9. Our policies are clearly stated, so you won’t have any surprises when you buy from us. If you want to know more about returns and exchanges, just check the policy section at the footer of our webpage.
  10. We believe that, above all, your lingerie should make you feel special every time you put it on.