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Lingerie is made from layers of delicate laces, fabrics and elastics that don’t respond well to harsh treatment. Why buy a high quality bra if you’re not going to take care of it properly? Today, we’ll talk about how to take care of your bra and extend its life-span even further.


1. Skip the harsh detergents.

Regular laundry detergent is fine for everyday clothing, but can quickly ruin both delicate fabrics like laces and the all-important elastics used in your bra. Make sure that you only wash your lingerie with detergent that is specifically designed for delicate intimates or for hand washing.


2. Know your fabrics.

Different fabrics need different kinds of care. Cotton can stand up to long soaks in your sink, while silk needs to be submerged quickly and washed with very little agitation or movement. Know what your bra is made of and make sure you are washing it according to the instructions for that fabric.


3. Heat destroys elastic.

Washers and dryers can save you time, but they can also destroy your lingerie. Heat helps break down elastic quickly, so whatever you do, do not put your bra through the hot water wash cycle or through the dryer. Lingerie should be washed in cold or lukewarm water and laid flat to air dry.


4. Be careful what you wash together.

Wash panties together and bras in small batches, ensuring that hooks will not catch on any of pieces of lingerie.  There’s nothing worse than having a stray hook ruin your favorite lace bra.


5. Decide on the treatment depending on it’s construction


How you lingerie is constructed dictates how it should be handled while washing it. Bras and body suits with padding, boning and underwire should not be treated to hot water nor heavy spin cycles in the washing machine. Such undergarments are best hand-washed.


This holds true for any shape wear as well. The high elastic content of the shape wear makes it mandatory for those items to be kept away from all forms of heat, extreme wringing and hanging while completely soaked.