If you’re unsure whether your bra fits, then you’re not alone! 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Luckily, our size calculator and fit guide are here to make sure that you’re not one of them.

If you’re unsure whether your bra fits or not, check these 5 things:

1. Can you fit two fingers underneath your bra band?

Most of the support that your bra provides should come from the band rather than the straps. Make sure that your bra band is the right size by testing how many fingers you can fit underneath it. Two is about the right amount: any less and it is too tight. More than two means it is too loose and isn’t giving you the support you deserve.

2. Does the gore tack?

The gore is the firm centre front part of the bra, right between the cups. In a perfect world, this part should talk comfortably yet firmly against your body, rather than float between your breasts. If the gore doesn’t tack, you may want to try going up a cup size.

3. Do you have empty space in your bra cups?

Wrinkling or empty space in the cups of your bra can indicate that it is too big. Many women commonly experience empty space at the bottom of the bra cup rather than at the top, which can lead to wires that poke and prod uncomfortably.

4. Is all of your breast tissue encased in your bra?

When you put on your bra it should encompass all of your breast tissue, both in the front and on the side. Make sure that as you hook your bra you also take some time to swoop and scoop any extra tissue into your bra cup to check for a perfect fit. If your tissue is bulging out from the front, the side or underneath the underwires than your bra is too small in the cup.

5. Do your straps stay on your shoulders?

If your bra straps constantly fall off your shoulders throughout the day, you need to re-examine your bra size as well as your bra. Older bras with weaker elastic may suffer from this problem, but it can also come from a too loose band.

In general, if you experience any kind of bulging, pinching or discomfort with your lingerie then you need to check the size you are wearing. Need to re-measure yourself? Just use our easy fit calculator to find your correct bra size!

6. Is your strapless bra slipping down?

You need to go down a band size. In fact, you may need to go down a few band sizes. With only the band to hold your chest up, a proper, firm fit is essential if you don't want to spend the whole night hiking up your bra.

7. Are your breasts falling to the sides instead of going straight forward?

Ditch the T-shirt bra for something seemed. This is noticeable for women with well- endowed busts. For best results look for a bra with a four-part cup, The additional seam on the side, known as a 'side sling', is great for helping guide your breasts forward.