Lingerie can be a wonderful and romantic gift, as long as it is chosen with love and care! If you would like to give the woman in your life the gift of quality lingerie but don’t know which item to pick, we’re here to help.


If you don’t know much about lingerie, it can be confusing to pick out a gift that the lady in your life will love and that will fit her perfectly. Our guide will take you through the basics of finding out what sizes she wears, picking the perfect lingerie style for her and more.


Let’s get started:


1. Find her size.

Bra sizes can be confusing, but there is one easy way to cheat the test: look in her lingerie drawer. Many women wear different sizes in different brands, so be sure to note both the sizes and brands that she wears. Don’t forget to check her underwear size so you can buy her a matching set.


If you’re struggling with sizing, we also offer size charts for our items so you can see how they would fit her measurements precisely! If she’s recently changed size, make sure that she’s either wearing a bra that fits properly or has re-measured herself accurately.


2. Take style notes.

Bra style is also important when you’re picking out a gift. Is her lingerie drawer made up of moulded cup bras or elaborate lace options? What colors does she wear? Are they full cup or plunge bras?


While you’re checking out the lingerie styles that she prefers, also take note of fabrics and colors that appear frequently in her lingerie drawer. Does she love laces or silks? Is her aesthetic softer or based around classic black lingerie?


It can also be good to think about how she wears her lingerie. Does she love to wear fancy bras to the office? Make sure you buy her something that will disappear under a professional white blouse. Does she love bright colors and lots of texture? Make sure to pick up something with lots of lace and embroidery.


3. If you’re going with something new, make sure it also has something old.

Many women love getting lingerie that their partners would love to see them in. But any lingerie gift should also be based on something the recipient already loves and is comfortable in. When you pick out her gift, make sure that it contains either her favorite color or favorite bra style as a base.


Lingerie lovers tend to gravitate towards a specific style of lingerie, so make sure you’ve incorporated her love of lace, pastels or silks into your gift. Most importantly, consider her comfort level and what kind of lingerie she feels good in. If she only wears full cup bras, don’t buy her a plunge bra and a tiny thong. If she only loves sheer styles, don’t buy her a moulded cup bra that covers everything up!


4. Sleep wear makes sizing easy.

If you can’t find a bra you think she’ll like, try looking in the Sleepwear and Accessories sections. A lovely and luxurious robe makes a memorable gift that she can treasure for years, as does a silky pair of pajamas or a nightgown.


If you want to go all out, many of our items come as full sets with both lingerie and matching loungewear available.  If you want to really impress her, pick up a matching lingerie set and a robe to go with it. Going the extra mile shows how much you care.


5. When all else fails, try a gift certificate.

We offer gift certificates at a wide range of price points! If you can’t decide what she would like best, just go ahead and buy a gift certificate that she can use herself. She’ll appreciate that you thought about what she would like rather than what you would like!

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