If you’re new to lingerie, it can seem like a vast and confusing world. Even if you’re a lingerie fan, it can seem scary to try out new styles and find pieces that suit your shape. Today we’re offering some advice on how to identify different types of lingerie, as well as how to decide which types would suit you the best.



Bras seem incredibly complicated when you browse through them, but most bras are really variations on several themes. This guide will take you through the most common types of bras, as well as the body types that they are best suited for.


Bras come in two different types: moulded cup and seamed cup. Moulded cup bras are often referred to as “t-shirt bras”.  Moulded cup bras are ideal under thin fabrics when you want more security, both in terms of support and a smooth line. The cup of a moulded bra will be firmer, completely smooth and free of seams.


Seamed cup bras offer wonderful support, as well as lots of beautiful options. Unlike the more firm moulded cup, seamed bras create support through strategic positioning of several seams. These seams guide the breasts upwards into a supported shape. Seamed bras can be made from a wide variety of fabrics, from silk to cotton. They can also feature beautiful embroidery and design elements, as well as unusual textures.


Each type of bra comes in multiple fabrics, shapes and sizes. No matter your body type or size, there is a moulded and seamed cup bra for you.



Panties are a necessity, but all of the variations that lingerie companies offer can be really confusing. Panties, like bras, all fall into two or three basic categories.



Thongs are the ultimate disappearing underwear. When you’re wearing a fitted outfit and don’t want your underwear to show through, thongs are the panty of choice. However, they do tend to be higher waisted, so they don’t always mix well with low waisted pants.


Bikini Briefs:

Bikini briefs come in more varieties than we can count.  Bikini briefs are the middle ground in terms of coverage and go with almost any outfit. Seamless varieties are popular, but we tend to gravitate towards their more elaborate counterparts to add a touch of elegance to our everyday outfits.


High-Waisted Panties:

High-waisted panties provide maximum coverage and comfort. These panties used to be considered unfashionable, but have recently experienced a style renaissance. This style is now wildly popular and is produced in as many design options as bikini panties are. Give these a try when you’re looking for a smooth line without sacrificing style.


Loungewear and Sleepwear:

Loungewear and sleepwear are also lingerie essentials, even if you don’t know it yet. If you’ve never experienced the wonder that is a high quality pair of pajamas, then you deserve to. The Lingerie Store carries options that range from romantic babydolls to classic pajamas, as well as everything in between. This category is far too large to describe it all, but we have picked out some of our favorite lingerie and loungewear styles for you to look for.



While many companies produce these types of pieces, most do it under completely different categories. When it comes down to it, these three types of lingerie pieces are extremely similar. All are made from soft fabrics that drape beautifully and all can be used as sleepwear or worn under a dress.  Some babydolls and chemises will be sized by bra size, while some will use standard S, M, L sizing.


Pajamas and Robes:

Pajamas and robes may not be as essential as a great moulded cup bra, but they definitely enhance your relaxation and sleep time at home. Look for soft fabrics that wash well and feel luxurious on your skin.