All our garments are carefully inspected before we send them out. However if you feel your purchase is faulty, we request you contact us and we will sort the problem as quickly as possible. 


We are happy to offer a refund on any items returned to us within 15 days, provided that we receive it unwashed, unworn and with the original tags attached. Please make sure that briefs and thongs etc. are tried on over your own underwear. In the interests of hygiene, we will refuse returns where it is obvious this hasn't been done. It is important that you fill up the Return ID Number which is issued to you by our customer support. Any returns without the return ID number written in the column provided on the invoice will not be accepted.


Please note that unless an item is faulty, lost in transit not as ordered or not as mentioned below, you will be responsible for the cost of the return postage. We also recommend you obtain free proof of postage from the shipping agent as we cannot be held responsible for packages that fail to arrive.


Here are some of the return scenarios which might occur. If you find that your case is not addressed here, please contact our customer care at and we will sort out the issue.


1.      I have received a wrong/ damaged parcel.

Our stringent Quality Assurance policy ensures that each shipment is thoroughly inspected before it leaves our premises. However in the unlikely event that you have received a parcel which is not as per your order please follow the below steps. If your parcel has been damaged in transit or has been tampered with at the time of delivery, or is lost by the courier, please obtain a Proof of Damage from the courier. Items retuned without a Proof of Damage bill from the courier will not be eligible to be classified under this category.


Steps for claiming a Return

  1. Ensure that the items conform to the Self -Checklist given below.
  2. Follow procedures for Return Shipmentgiven below.


Once we receive your courier, we will issue a coupon for the value of the product and a Coupon for Free Shipping on your next order!

In case you require a refund for the value of your product, we will process your request once the product has been received at our warehouse.

In case we do not have a reverse pickup in your area, we will issue a credit coupon of up to Rs.50/piece towards courier charges that you may have had to bear.


2.      I want to order a different size from what I have received.

 Steps for claiming a Return

  1. Ensure that the items conform to the Self -Checklist given below.
  2. Follow procedures for Return Shipment given below.

Once we receive your courier, we will issue a Gift Certificate for the value of the product and a Coupon for Free Shipping on your next order!


3.      I don’t like what I ordered. Or I want to exchange my gift.

Steps for claiming a Return

  1. Ensure that the items conform to the Self -Checklist given below.
  2. Follow procedures for Return Shipment given below.


Once we receive your returns, we will issue you a Gift Certificate for the value of your returned item. Please note that such products are to be returned at your own expense.


4.      I want to return an item purchased on a Discount , Dazzling Deals, Trousseau Gift Pack or an item received as a gift from TLS.


Sorry, such merchandise are not eligible for a return/refund.


 Gift Certificate in lieu of a payment for a return.

The gift certificates issued by TLS in lieu of a refund, wherever applicable as stated above can be used to purchase any item of your choice from us. While calculating the value of such a gift certificate in lieu of a previous purchase any discount vouchers shipping or other delivery charges will not be taken in to consideration. 


Gift Certificate for return of one or more items from a multiple purchase.

If you have purchased many items using a discount voucher and wish to return one or a few of the total purchase, but not all the items, you may follow the steps for return as given above in steps A&B. Please note that this does not include discount deals offered on the site.The value of the Gift Certificate issued to you in lieu of your refund payment will be calculated on the proportionate percentage of the value of your merchandise.


Let’s do a Self check of the following features of your item, before you decide to return it. Please note that failure to comply with this checklist will make your return no-acceptable.


Self-Checklist :

  1. I have not removed the original labels, hang-tags, and such identifying tags before I tried on the product, all identifying labels ,tags and  packaging has to be intact.
  2. The product is not a single piece from a set, or pack of multiple pieces.
  3. The item to be returned is not purchased on Discount, Promotion or Stock clearance Sale.
  4. I have tried on a swimwear over my own underwear.
  5. The item which I want to return is not a brief, hosiery or shape wear, as these items cannot be returned due to hygiene issues.
  6. The original packaging box is intact and can be used to repack the item.
  7. I am not returning discount coupon in lieu of cash, as this is not accepted.
  8. The cost of gift wrapping of an item will not be refunded, and so if you wish to gift wrap  your replacement of a gift, the new gift wrapping charges will be added .

After the above self- check is complete and if you find that your return item is as per the above guidelines, you may now proceed to make the Return Shipment


Return Shipment

Step 1: Contact the customer support at  stating your problem . We will issue you a Return ID Number .Fill up this number in the returns form part of the invoice.

Step 2: Pack the item(s) you want to return along with the original invoice, product tags and product packaging in a polybag and then put it in a shipping box or any good quality packing box. You may recycle a used polybag and carton box for this. Please be sure to strike off any previous addresses and markings if any, from your box.

Step 3: Seal the box securely with packing tape.

Step 4: Call us on ……………. to check if a reverse pick-up is available in your area or not. TLS  provides reverse pick up facility in only cases of wrong or defective products delivered by TLS or you feel your consignment has been tampered with during transit. If this is not the case then please follow step 5.

Step 5: Send us the packed box through your preferred courier service. Reserve the booking number and original invoice of your return shipment with you. Ensure that the following address is securely pasted on the returns box.

Step 6: Once you have shipped the box, send us an email at to inform us about the return shipment. Please include your (a) original order ID with TLS , (b)the courier name and (c) booking number with the courier in the email. Any missing information will delay the process of refund.We will notify you via e-mail of your refund within 10 working days of receiving your return parcel.