Sister size chart


How to use the bra sister size chart? Find your bra size in the chart below. Bra sizes marked with the same color (placed in the same row) are sister sizes and do have about the same cup volume (actual cup size) as your usual bra size - and may fit you! So, if you i.e. are using bra size 32 B, a 30C or a 34 A may also fit your bust! Just keep the following in mind before going for the sister size. If you fasten your current bra on the loosest hook, a Sister Size DOWN will be too tight and uncomfortable; if you choose to Sister Size UP, you may have to use a tighter setting to keep your Band snugly in place-which will shorten the life of that bra. If you already fasten your current bra on the tightest hook, a Sister Size UP will be too loose and unsupportive; a Sister Size DOWN clasped on the loosest hook could be ideal, provided the Band doesn't "dig in." If you fasten your current bra in the middle, either a Sister Size DOWN that doesn't "dig in" or a Sister Size UP that doesn't ride up when you lift your arms, may be an option for you.