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Want to to explore further on bra fittings? If you are still unhappy about a suggested cup size or cannot find the suggested size in your choice of product we will let you in on a bra size secret....You could use a sister size of your bra! A sister size is a related bra size with the same cup volume of each other. Sister sizes have the same cup volume as each other. The difference of band size simply changes the fit.

Explore the Bra Sister Sizing system with our sister size chart below.

 Sister Size Chart

bra size chart-image

How to use the bra sister size chart?

Find your bra size in the chart below. Bra sizes marked with the same color (placed in the same row) are sister sizes and do have about the same cup volume (actual cup size) as your usual bra size - and may fit you!

So, if you i.e. are using bra size 32 B, a 30C or a 34 A may also fit your bust!

Just keep the following in mind before going for the sister size.

If you fasten your current bra on the loosest hook, a Sister Size DOWN will be too tight and uncomfortable; if you choose to Sister Size UP, you may have to use a tighter setting to keep your Band snugly in place-which will shorten the life of that bra.

If you already fasten your current bra on the tightest hook, a Sister Size UP will be too loose and unsupportive; a Sister Size DOWN clasped on the loosest hook could be ideal, provided the Band doesn't "dig in."

If you fasten your current bra in the middle, either a Sister Size DOWN that doesn't "dig in" or a Sister Size UP that doesn't ride up when you lift your arms, may be an option for you.

Measuring your Bra Size

When measuring to determine your bra size you should, if possible, wear a comfortable standard underwired bra (not padded or push-up, etc.) You should remain in a standing position, keep your back and shoulders comfortably straight (don't hold your breath or push your chest out). Be relaxed. It can be difficult to measure yourself so you may have to ask a friend to help you, this will enable you to stand in the perfect position for measuring and allow you to keep your arms down by your sides.

1 - Measure below your breasts (band size)

Use a soft tape measure. To obtain your band size measurement, measure very snugly around your rib cage, just underneath your breasts. It should feel tight. Be sure that the tape measure lies straight all the way around. Enter this figure in the pink Below field (1). This measurement can be in inches or centimeters.

2 - Measure around your breasts and back (bust size)

Measure loosely around the fullest part of your bust (usually over the nipples), keeping the tape measure straight all the way around your body. Enter this figure in the blue Bust field (2). This measurement can be in inches or centimeters but must be the same as in step 1.

3 - Measure above your breasts (above bust size)

around the full chest across the nipple and under your arms kepping the tape measure level all the way around.

4 - Calculate your bra size

Click on Calculate and your international bra sizes will be calculated and displayed in the relevant fields.

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